This is my final maquette structure super imposed in to the Peace Gardens Sheffield. I decided to do recycled cans, because Sheffield has recently been voted the greenest city in Europe. My aim was to create a balanced structure made out of tin cans, the reason I chose to do a balanced structure was because it would make the maquette more interesting and better to look at, my inspiration for the shape came from Stephan Siebers who specialises in making balanced cube sculptures. I started creating the /maquette/structure out of recycled cans, I glued them together with a hot glue gun, I then spray painted it to give it a realistic effect. I then finally took photos of my maquette/structure and then super imposed it too the image of the Peace Gardens.

One of the areas that was particularly strong for me on this project, was how my maquette/structure turned out, the overall maquette looked great, it came out better than expected if i was being honest. Another area I thought in was strong was the editing my maquette image on photoshop, I personally think I patched up the glue marks and scratches very well. One of my not so strongest parts was super imposing the maquette/structure on to my image, it wasn’t necasserily hard get the imposition right, it was hard to get the maquette/structure to look realistic, and fit in with the base image, so I was a little disappointed with the over all super imposition.

If I was asked to do the project again I would definitely try and make the super imposition more realistic, I would also think more about the final result more, this is so i can add more detail to it.

I overall think I have answered the brief in making a structure, I have also linked my final maquette design well with my peace gardens image, they are both related to sheffield. The peace gardens is also one of cleanest places in Sheffield in terms of litter, cans and bottles being binned an recycled, this shows the contextual link.


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