Which concept am I going construct?

After talking about each sketch and how I’d create each one, I have chosen to take sketch number three further, I have opted to construct this idea, because its the one that will visually communicate with the word structure the strongest. My inspiration for this sketch came from Stephan Siebers, who’s work I researched on the public art section, I admire how each structure creates games of balance between volume and weight that surprise and question the viewer’s expectations. This is what I am hoping to create with my recycled cans. As my maquette is celebrating that Sheffield is recently the greenest city in Europe, I’m going to superimpose my maquette in Sheffield Peace Gardens. Peace Gardens is a big green open space, it is currently one of the most visited places in Sheffield, it is also one of the greenest places in Sheffield in terms of litter, cans, bottles being recycled and binned, hence the reason I want to put my Maquette/structure in the peace gardens.



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