Sketches and Concepts

Maquette sketch 1 


This is the first sketch I have come up with. Each cube is made up of recycled cans. If I am going to make this maquette I will stick the cubes on top of each other, some of the cubes will be overlapping, this will show a balanced effect, which will show that the sculpture has structure. I will spray paint the cans a silver colour to cover up the branding of the cans. I will also make a stand for the maquette to go on, this will be also spray painted silver.

Maquette sketch 2


This is the second sketch I have come up with. For this idea I think it would be good to have an unstable maquette, the maquette will consist of 5 rows of cans, there will be around 6 cans on each row. I will glue each row on top of each other, but each row, will be overlapping to cause an unstable look to the maquette (as you can see on the sketch above). I will have wooden platforms for the maquette to sit on. I think this is a solid and simple sketch of what it would look like, it also responds to the brief well as it represents the word structure.

Maquette sketch 3


This is the third sketch I have come up with. I like the look of this one because its a simple but effective idea. If I go ahead with this one, I will glue together 6 cans in to a cube shape, glue another 4 cans together to make another cube, then glue the 4 cans on top of the set of 6 cans. This will look like the cans of 4 are balancing and unstable, the next step is to glue another set of 6 cans together and place that set on to the top of the 4 balanced cans, this will then look like the sketch above. I think this is the best idea so far. If I go on to build this idea, it will visually communicate the meaning of the word structure the strongest.

Maquette sketch 4


This sketch I have attempted create a falling structure of cans, If I choose to create this maquette, I will start off by merging 10 cans in to a cuboid shape, this will be fairly tall, next I’ll merge 8 cans in to a cube and 6 cans in to a smaller cuboid shape these two will be glued together, and will be placed on top of the other cuboid. To make sure the maquette is stable I am going to place a metal rod through the middle of the cans, to get the rod to fit through the middle of the cans, I will drill a hole through the top and bottom can, the rod will help the maquette keep its upright position.This does communicate with the word structure in my opinion, so it would be a good idea to generate.

Maquette sketch 5


This sketch is a little similar to the last one. This maquette will consist of twelve cans merged together, to create a medium sized cube, I will then create another cube with the same amount of cans, twelve. Both cubes will be glued together to create the shape that is pictured above. I will create a platform for the maquette, the platform will be two blocks of wood placed on top of each other. Once the cans and platform have been constructed, I will spray paint the whole maquette a silver colour.

Maquette sketch 6


This is the final sketch I came up with, this is a little different to the other concepts. If I’m going to go ahead with this maquette design, I will firstly drill two holes through the top and bottom of each can that I am going use (4 cans), this is so I can fit a metal rod through the middle of each can, the metal rod will keep the maquette stable. The maquette will be spray painted silver, and I will also making a platform for the cans to stand on, a hole will be drilled through the top of the platform for the rod to fit in.


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