The next word I have chosen is Energy, the definition for Energy is….

Energy (Noun)

1) Dynamic quality <narrative energy>

2) Vigorous exertion of power

3) Usable power (as heat or electricity); also : the resources for producing such power

I chose energy because there are many cool ways in which you can visually communicate it. When I think of energy I think brightness or the heat of the sun. I’m maybe thinking about doing some photography or some digital software manipulation, I like the idea of having a light bulb to represent energy, the beaming colour is quite effect when an image is taken of a light bulb. I also like the idea of using electricity to communicate energy. Here are some examples of energy below….

energy  Untitled-1  7804333_orig  0034-digital_photography_course_london_146

The first image is I found is rather unique in my opinion, its an image of a wind turbine coming out of the, almost like a piece of grass or a dandelion, this portrays energy in a brilliant way in my opinion, its such a clever design which is why it stood out to me, it looks very realistic to say its was easily, photography and software manipulation played a big part in this design being created. The second image I found reminds me of the flow of electricity, the reason is because of the bright blue colours, and the wavy lines used. It has been created by using paint, and some sort of fork abject to get wavy pattern that is portrayed. The third image I think is brilliant, because it uses small logos/icons of sauces of energy such as wind turbines, the sun, and trees etc, the whole image is almost a city silhouette, but built out of the icons, this is similar to typographic imagery, by replacing the type with the icons/logos. The final image is probably my favourite, its looks very professional and it communicates energy well too. The image has been created through the use of photography, the camera has been put on a slow shutter speed, this is so it capture the light, which it has done in this image. I’m thinking of trying something like this because its has a pretty cool effect, and more importantly a great outcome.—team-52/energy-presentation

Mind Map and Ideas:


Energy 1:

When I think of the word energy, I think of light bulbs and neon lights. I’m liking the idea of having someone having a light bulb, or maybe someone holding a light bulb, the light bulb will looks like its turned on, I think this Idea could be successful in portraying the word energy.

I thought the idea of someone holding a lit up light bulb was a very good way of characterizing the word energy. I started off by taking a few images of my dad holding a loose bulb, I took a few images at different angles to see which ones worked the best. This didnt work out well because the I couldnt get a dark enough background in each of the images i ahd taken. Frustrated! I then looked up a few images on the internet of someone holding a light bulb. The image I found was a perfect example of what I wanted my image to look like. I brought the image in to Photoshop, I had to darken the background a little more to make sure no light passed through the bulb, and also when I add the light to the bulb it will be a lot more radiant and visible. I had to look up on YouTube at some tutorials on how to add light to the bulb, this is where I stumbled upon the Lens Flare tool, this tool enabled me to add a beam of light to the bulb in my image. Here is an example of what I did…

ASDHASDHAIHD  jakejcm  ADHasjdhajd

As you can see It’s a pretty simple process on how to use the lens flare tool. It benefited me massively because I didn’t know how I was going to add the light to the bulb in my image. I think the final image looks very effective, I love how its Interprets energy, its a simple design that suits its purpose in visually communicating the word energy. I tried editing some of my final design, so as lowering the brightness, levels and hue and saturation. I think the image works well when I lower the brightness, its dims the light creates a more unique look. I finally experimented with the Hue and Saturation, I looked at different colour variations such as blues and reds, but I think it was a little bit too much, so I decided to stick with the original image as my final design.

Untitled-1  Untitled-5

 Energy 1  4

Final Image:

Energy 1

I learnt quite a lot working with energy, I learnt quite a few new tools and techniques such as, using the lens flare , also my experience has been improved working with layer masks. It looks as if the hand is producing energy in to the light bulb, hence why I look at this image I straight away think energy.

Energy 2:

I wanted to try some more photography, but I wanted to work with the shutter speed option a little more to build my confidence, I will take image of cars at night, this will capture the light in a cool and unique way. Here are some images I have taken below….

DSCN4571   DSCN4582   DSCN4583   DSCN4605   DSCN4601   DSCN4594   DSCN4598   DSCN4620   DSCN4618   sdijvisofj  sdijvisofj  sdijvisofj  sdijvisofj

I took around 45 images in total, most of them were just black, because the camera didn’t catch the cars quick enough, but the ones that did catch had a decent effect, I started off taking some image on white lane, which is the first few image, this didn’t turn out very well in my opinion, it turned out poor because of the light from the street lights was too bright, and ended up getting in the way of the light form the cars. I decided to change the location to a darker place, this helped massively as the slow shutter speed captured light a lot better, it was still hard to time the photo as the camera I was using wasn’t very good, but the ones that did work had a positive effect, I forgot to mention that i took images of a tram that was passing by too, this looked pretty sleek, if the tram was going quicker the image might look a little stronger. I thought it would be a good to change the location again, I wanted to capture more cars from different angles, so I went on a road near Rother Valley. This had a similar effect as you can see with the car going past on the bottom image. But to get the images with the beam of light I used a shutter speed of 1/60sec to 1/125sec this panned out to create an image like motion blur. This had a much stronger outcome as you can see, the only problem I had with this was the location because there wasn’t many cars that went past, so i did have to wait a while for just one car to pass, luckily the motion blur effect worked first time a car went past. I decided to bring a few images in to Photoshop, this is just so i can edit he brightness, contrast, and levels etc.

Below is just an example video on how I learnt how to work with different shutter speeds…..

Edited Photoshop images…

energy 2  Energy 2.1  energy 2.2

Here are the three images I edited on Photoshop, these are the best images i took in my opinion, they are the ones that captured the most light, and effectively visually communicated energy. The first image which the tram one, I opted to use the option darken strokes, this made the image more intense, it also made it look more like energy instead of movement. the second image was sort of a similar process, but I didn’t use any smart filters,i just edited the brightness and contrast, to the lowest possible number, this darkened the background and lighted the red a white colour. The third image, I had to up he contrast a little because the image was very bright. I used the brush tool to get rid of any light areas that were distracting in the image. Overall I do believe all of these images portray energy extremely well, better than i thought to be honest. Final image shots.

energy 2.2

energy 2

Energy 2.1

Energy 3:

I’ve been really enjoying working with the word energy, I want to try some more designs. Seen as the project runs through to bonfire night, I’m thinking of the taking some images of fireworks and sparkles etc, this could have a commendable finished outcome. i do think its an opportunity not to waste. Here are some photos I have taken on the night….

fireworks 1  fireworks 2  fireworks 3  fireworks 4  firebomb 2  sparkler 1  sparkler bomb 1

These are the best image I had taken, I took around around 35 image, put most of them weren’t the best. The camera I used didn’t work as well as I would of thought, I struggled a little with the shutter speed option as it wasn’t working properly. I used a slow shutter speed for the firework images (1/2 1/4 slow shutter speed) this did have a great effect, and the fireworks look really powerful in terms of the colours that came through. I started to focus on how sparklers and sparkler bombs can react to a slow shutter speed. Some of the images that I did take looked very good, but some had too much of a blurred effect, which I didn’t want. The last image on the bottom right is a perfect example on how I wanted my images to look like, this is a sparkler bomb that I used in my back garden, I used a tripod to support the camera I was sing, this worked legitimately well, I used a shutter speed of around 1/6 seconds this captured the image better than I expected. Here is a website below on how to photograph fireworks

Edited Photoshop images..

energy 3.1  energy 3.2  energy 3

Here are the three images that i thought were the strongest. The first image was possibly the best firework picture i had captured. However the image was a little too bright for my liking so, I decided to up the contrast to around 80, and lowered the brightness to -30 this gave the image a better effect. I think its a brilliant capture, the glowing colours, almost neon like, epitomize energy in strong positive way. The second image in my opinion is the best image I took, i did however have to edit the brightness a little as it was a little too vibrant, I gave the image a posted edges effect, and sharpened the outlines, to give it a more vigorous look, the sparks that I managed to obtain had a lot better outline effect once I added the Photoshop edits. The third and final image is not the best out of the three, but it was an image that i captured well in time. The image was extremely vibrant with dark and light purples, so i had to down the brightness, I also adjusted the curves. I used the spot healing brush tool to get rid of any unwanted smoke marks from the firework. Here are my final images below…

energy 3.1

energy 3.2

Overall I enjoyed capturing different images of fireworks and sparklers. The fact bonfire night fell through with the project did give me a great opportunity to practice on my camera more. I am very happy with the final images i have taken. I do think they both portray the word energy pretty well.


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