The final word I want to visually communicate is contrast, the definition for contrast is….

Contrast (Verb)

1) to be different especially in a way that is very obvious

2) to compare (two people or things) to show how they are different

Synonyms –

Differ, Vary, Divergence, variation

I chose contrast because I want to create something that directs the viewers attention using colour. The colors white and black provide the greatest degree of contrast. Complementary colours also highly contrast with one another. An artist can employ contrast as a tool, to direct the viewer’s attention to a particular point of interest within the piece. I’m looking to try some photography for the word contrast, I think photography will have the best outcome for the word contrast. Here are some examples below…..

Untitled-1  Untitled-2  Untitled-3  Untitled 4

Here are some images I have found which show contrast. The first image is of a rd apple surrounded by green apples, this image clearly shows contrast as it directs the views attention to a particular point of interest which is the red apple in this case. The green and red colours are very bright and highly contrasted with one another. The second image I found is my favourite out of the lot, the colours form the pencil crayons are just amazing, its such a brilliant effect, the image it so highly contrasted is just remarkable. This has been done by the use of macro photography, macro photography is extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size. The third image that I found is of a contrast painting, the colours used aren’t as bright as some of the images I looked upon, this one was different because there aren’t as many contrast paintings as there are contrast photographs or vectors. The patterns and tonal variation used in this painting show the different contrast of dark and light colours. The final image is photography again, I like this one because contrast is easily noticeable, the background is unfocused so the bright flower gets a lot of attention, this direct the viewer’s attention to a particular point of interest within the image. These four images have given me few ideas fr contrast, as I said earlier I want to do something with colours, I’m thinking of using photography and maybe experimenting with some paint for the visually communication the word contrast.

Mind Map and Ides:


Contrast 1:

There are so many ideas you can come up with when you think of the word contrast. I Like the idea of doing  photography of  different coloured pencils, I will explore the different shades, this will visually communicate the word contrast.

DSCN4434  DSCN4437  DSCN4438  DSCN4436  DSCN4433

I started off by taking some images of some pencil crayons, I wanted to show the different colours that are used among pencil crayons, I took some images at different angles to see which angle worked best, the best ones that stood out for me were the first and second one because I managed to get a focused effect on the those images. I am going to use a colour splash effect which is when you isolate one or more colours converting the rest of the photograph to black and white. Its quite easy to isolate a single colour within the image and create this effect. This works best if the color of the subject stands out from the background. Here are are two of the images I used the color splash effect on…

Contrast 1  contrast 2

This is a great effect in my opinion, its was very easy to create, all I to do was to duplicate the image, desaturate the copied image to -100 which turns the image black and white, I then used the eraser tool, this erased the black and white colours I didnt want, which in this case was the coloured crayon area. The outcome did come out very well, for both images. I emphasized the coloured areas by lowering the saturation in the rest of the photos, this gave them a more realistic look. Both images portray ‘contrast’ brilliantly, I love how both direct the views attention to a particular point of interest. The Red, blue, yellow, green, and orange were the best colours to work with because they had the most effective look, the contrast of the five different colours communicate the word contrast very well in my opinion. My favourite out the two image is the one on the right because it looks more professional, and the whole image just seems to have a much cordial look.

Contrast 1

Final Image –

contrast 2

I really like the tonal contrast of this image, I think this image portrays contrast well. overall I am extremely pleased with the outcome, I have learned a view more techniques in Photoshop , I am also pleased with photography I did because I very rarely use a camera.

Contrast 2:

I’m really enjoying working with the word contrast, I’m going to try a different approach, Ive got the idea of using some food colouring in water. This will characterize contrast well in my opinion.

Untitled-3  Untitled-2  Untitled-4

Untitled-5  Untitled-6  Untitled-7

The process was pretty simple for something that looks so effective, I started off by pouring cold water in to a glass vase, I chose cold water because it works better with the food colouring. I the began to use a pipette to drip the food colouring in to the water, sadly this did not work as well as I’d hoped…. frustrated! I then thought of just pouring the colouring out of the bottle, this seemed to have a better effect (here’s an example video on how to do it) and drew more colour in to the picture. I had to video because I was on my own and I couldn’t take the photo at the same time I was pouring the colouring in the water. The videos worked better than expected, and had a great outcome, the different shades of colour shows contrast from dark to light colours, which is called tonal variation in art terms.

Once I had taken the videos, I print screened the parts of the video I wanted. I then brought the images in to Photoshop, edited them a little, such as improving the brightness and contrast etc. The final outcome was very successful, and looked very professional. If you look each colour you can see they are all the same shape in terms of the colouring pattern, I choose the best image, which was the one with the red food colouring in, duplicated it 4 times, and edited the Hue and Saturation to the colours I wanted which are yellow, blue, and green. This gave it a much more stronger outcome. Looking at the final outcome, I can honestly say I am overwhelmed with how its come out, I didn’t expect it to come out as well as I’d have thought, it also visually communicates the word contrast brilliantly in my opinion.

Contrast 2

Contrast 3:

I wanted to experiment more with the word contrast, for this idea, i thought of using coloured skittle sweets, I will take images of them spread out on top of each other.


DSCN4546  DSCN4548

I took around 20 images, there were about 3 images that worked out the best, I chose dominant colours and mixed them together to get the contrasted look. the different colours work really well together, especially the greens, reds, and the purples. I love the comparison between the dark and light colours, contrast is easily noticed. My favourite image is the one on the bottom right, I like the angle in which i have taken the photo, I used the focus button on the camera to take this particular image. I took this image in to Photoshop, and gave it more exposure and contrast, here is the image below…

Contrast 3

As you can see there is a lot more colour to the image, it expresses contrast well, as it shows a variation of dark and light colours. I used the hue and saturation tool a little to add a little more intensity to the image design, I also used the curves tool this made the image lighter, and made each colour aspect more clearer. I finally used a layer mask to get rid of any unwanted marks or speckles that were easily seen. I personally don’t think this one is the strongest compared to the other designs I have done for contrast, I would say my other outcomes show contrast this more effectively.

I tried some Photoshop techniques on one my other photos as well but it didn’t have the same effect in my opinion…

Contrast 3

Final Image:

Contrast 3

I enjoyed working with this design, although it wasn’t the best, I do think I have learnt a little bit more working with photography and how to use certain options.


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