The next word I choose is Illusion, the definition of illusion is……

Illusion (Noun)

1) something that looks or seems different from what it is

2) something that is false or not real but that seems to be true or real

3) a misleading image presented to the vision

4) perception of something objectively existing in such a way as to cause misinterpretation of its actual nature

5) a pattern capable of reversible perspective

Ive chosen the word illusion because there are so many ways you can express the way you create and use. Illusions are designed to be interesting and challenging, they tend to have something in their design which makes the viewer think and work it out. I love how some types of illusions are so simple, but they make you think twice when you look at it. In my opinion the best illusions, are the ones that look like they are moving when they are not. Here are some examples below….

Unknown  optical-illusion-spinning-water-lilies-sumit-mehndiratta  Unknown  GW434H359

The first image I have found is an optical illusion, its two silhouette faces are symmetrical from each other, the transparent gap in the middle looks like a vase, this makes you look twice, the image puts you in two minds. Preferably my favourite illusions are the simple ones because they are cool and compelling to look at. The second illusion I found is another optical illusion, if you look closely, its looks as if the multicoloured circles are rotating. I think that this make a nice piece of artwork especially with the multicoloured circles, if the circles were a solid colour, the illusion wouldn’t work. The third image I found is a pattered illusion, this looks great because, the black and white chequered shapes looks as if they are being sucked in to a black hole. I think that black and white illusions work the best as a an illusion because the use of black and white make the art bold and stand out grabbing the viewers eye but these colours also help to make the illusion clear to understand making the design more defined. The final image I found is a very interesting one, I found this on a website called If focus on the four dots for around 30 second, and then blink, you can see Jesus’s face filtering across your eye line, this is amazing because  when I look at the image I thought out was just a drawing of different shapes. The overall illusion for this is remarkable. These examples have given me a few ideas for visually communicating the word illusion, maybe trying some pattern design, or even using my face for the Jesus’s illusion.

Mind Map and Ideas:


Illusion 1: I have chosen to create my own optical illusion. I like the idea of creating an abstract spiral illusion, I am going to make it look like the vortex is moving and spirals into the middle of the page

. Untitled-4   Untitled-2   Untitled-1

Here are six screenshots I took when I was designing my illusion, creating the illusion was a pretty simple process. The first image is showing how I made the black square shapes that build up the up the illusion, I used the pen tool to round the shape I wanted to achieve, in this case an abstract square, once I was happy with the shape I achieved, I started to duplicate the shape I had created and made it smaller so I could fit it in with the illusion. I then rotated each square shape 5 degrees using the rotate tool, I did this 10 time to get the shape I wanted, the overall illusion looks very good, it has a spiral effect if you look closely.

Untitled-3   Untitled-2   Untitled-3

One I had completed the illusion I looked at different colours I could use, the first one is just a basic black and white, this looks great, the use of black and white make the art bold and stand out grabbing the viewers eye but these colours also help to make the illusion clear to understand making the design more defined. I decided to add some colour to the illusion design, I chose a lime green colour, this is so it stands out as you soon as you look at it, the green a black theme works really well, I personally don’t think it works as well as the white and black because its not as defined. I experimented with using a darker colour in this case the colour was purple, I personally think this did not work as well as the others two, the purple is just too dark, it clashes way too much with the black, however the illusion still works as a abstract spiral, but its not the strongest. Out of the three the strongest is the black and white version because its bold, stands out and the illusion is clear to understand.


I really like the pattern in this illusion, After playing with the colours I ended up choosing the black and white version. I think this image portrays Illusion well. I am also pleased with this image as it’s the first time I have really experimented with the illusion effects illustrator.

Illusion 2:

screenshot one   screenshot 2   screenshit 3  

I love working with the word Illusion, there are many different types that you can create, so I have decided to do another Illusion design. For this design I wanted to try an illusion that looked like it was moving. The process was very simple for doing something like this, I looked up on some tutorials on how to do a moving illusion. I started off by choosing what colour I wanted to use in my Illusion design, I opted to go for a yellow, blue, black, and white, these colours seemed the most effective when I was testing them. Once I had chosen the colours, I grouped them and selected the brush defintion drop down menu and then chose the option new brush, this created a new brush with the colours I picked to have in my Illusion, next I clicked the ellipse tool and created a circle with the outline brush effect I had chosen, as you can see on the image above. I created a copy, and shrink-ed each circle I copied, in this case three copies. Once I had finished my the circle, I made 6 copies and placed them next to each other. When I look at the design it looks as if each circle is moving at different times when I blink, it tricks the eyes in to thinking the circles are moving, this is called a peripheral drift illusion, its similar to the blue optical illusion I researched earlier.

screenshot 4    screenshot 5

When I chose the colours I wanted I thought once I had finished my Illusion why not try other colours, I thought it would be a good idea to try pink, blue, black, and white, this didn’t work as well as the other colours I used (yellow, blue, black, and white) it just looked a little inconsistent for liking, it also didn’t have the desired effect I wanted. Overall I am very happy with my final Illusion design, I’m overly pleased with how the it works too.

Above is just a tutorial on how to create a similar illusion, the tutorial was very helpful in succeeding and achieving my final illusion design.

screenshot 4I love this illusion because of the way it plays tricks with your mind, in to thinking the circles are rotating, when they’re not. I personally think I have chosen the right colours, these seem more effective and work better with the illusion. Overall I am very happy with how the illusion has turned out.

Illusion 3:

Untitled-1    Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 11.41.47

Untitled-1     Untitled-2

I wanted to have a go at some photography for the word illusion, for this design I want to create a similar illusion to the Jesus one that I researched earlier. The process was very simple to construct an illusion like this, I started off by taking an image of myself, I then brought the image in to Photoshop, and selected image and adjustments option, I chose the threshold option, this enabled me to darken the image of my face, I set the threshold to 147. I next inverted the image so it swapped the white and black colours around. I finally imposed a red dot in the middle of the image. Now I had to take a couple of images of my face for this to work, I tried it a few times but my face was too light, so I had to take a darker image. For this Illusion to work, you have to focus on the red dot for at least 30 seconds minimum, once the 30 seconds is up you look at a white wall or clear piece of paper and blink continuously… has it worked? You should be able to see an image of my face every time you blink. This is an amazing illusion. I personally think this visually communicates illusion fantastically.

Here is a tutorial on how to create this illusion………

Here is the final illusion, overall I am very happy with the outcome, its such a clever way of visually communicating the word illusion.


How the illusion works in this design is just amazing, I think this image portrays illusion well. I am also pleased with this image as it’s the first time I have really experimented with a camera.


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