The first word I have chosen is isolation. The definition of isolation is…

Isolation (Noun)

1) The state of being in a place or situation that is separate from others : the condition of being isolated

2) The act of separating something from other things : the act of isolating something


separation, segregation, setting apart, keeping apart;
quarantine; insulation, seclusion, closeting, protection,
shielding, partitioning
I’ve chosen Isolation because the range of images that I could come up with was quite large, you can take many different pictures of showing people and objects showing isolation in a unique and creative way but some of the images also show the emotion of the word depending on the subject. An example of isolation might be someone satin the middle of a dessert on their own this means the man is isolated, another example could be hill with just one tree on top and that tree is isolated. Here are a few examples of isolation below…
weufhiuqwfh  AHDadasd  djfkwhefuwef  dkhfhfdsfbssfh
As you can see there are plenty of examples of Isolation, these are the best ones Ive found in my opinion. The first one is a painting of a a shadow like human form, that is isolated, this, I love how its so simple but yet effective, its purpose is easily recognised. The second image I found is of a tree that is surrounded by nothing, this visually communicates isolation. Again the simplicity is effective, the black and white colours create an adverse mood, however I think this helps you to focus more on the detail of the content. The third image has an exceedingly negative mood when I look at it, with the image being so drained I think  helps the viewer to focus more on the detail of the content which in some situations makes the photo more powerful. However I do like the blue tonal variation used for the moonlight coming through the window, the extra detail makes the image more powerful in terms of isolation. The final image I found has been done by photography, I chose to talk about this one because of its unique way of expressing isolation. I love how the person in this image is made out to look like a silhouette, this is because of the glass, again its something simple and easy, but it has a great overall outcome. and it also communicates the word Isolation. Looking through some these examples has given me a few ideas, I’m leaning towards typography and photography for the word isolation.
Mind Map and Ideas:
Isolation 1:
I have chosen to create a piece of photography of something that is isolated, in this case I have found some skittles sweets I can use for isolation. I’m going to take a few snap shots of different positions, to see which angles work best.
DSCN4537  DSCN4538  DSCN4552
Here are some of the snap shots I have taken, Id got the idea of gathering a group of sweets that are the same colour, and having just the one sweet a different, as you can see in the images, I have experimented with different colours such as purples, and yellows etc. I think the colours that work best are the orange and the green, the vibrance of the orange makes the image more compelling. I decided to pick my favourite two image and edit them on Photoshop, to give them more contrast.
DSCN4537  DSCN4552
These two are the strongest photos I have taken, they both portray isolation very well. Both images purpose is easily recognised in my opinion. The simplicity is effective, the orange and green colours create an elated mood, however I think this helps you to focus more on the detail of the content. I decided to edit both images in Photoshop, I wanted to give them more vibrance and detail to improve them both. I upped the brightness and contrast, to around 70 for both, and also played around with the levels to get the effect I wanted. Here are the two final image below….
Isolation 1  Isolation 1.1
Here are the two final images. My favourite out of these two is the one on the right, I think it looks the most professional, and has a clearer indication to towards visually communicating the word Isolation. Overall I think the word isolation has been expressed very well in the final outcome.
Isolation 1.1
Isolation 2:
Seen as how well my first isolation design went, i thought it would be a good idea to do another, there’s many ways you can portray the word Isolation. I am going to try some Typography, because I don’t use it as much as I would like.
Untitled-1  Untitled-2
Untitled-3  Untitled-4
Here are some screenshots I have added, I had the idea of isolating the word Isolation, I started off by repeating the word isolation around 4 times, I wanted to use a Futura type, but I thought the Gautami font worked a lot better. I duplicated around 19/20 times, I left a gap in the middle of the page so I could place a red version of the word isolation. As you can see on the bottom right image the red word is isolated from all the others, although this is a simple design its does seem quite effective, and achieve visually communicating Isolation.
Isolation 2.2  Isolation 2
I had a go at trying some different ways in which I could make my design look any better, I tried experimenting with the smudge, which I’ve never used before, the image on the left shows the design when i had finished using the smudge tool, its had a cordial looks to it, but the words were’ really visible to read unfortunately. However I did gain an advantage by learning how to use the smudge tool. I just wanted to experiment with other tools and see what effects they could give on my design. This didn’t really work out, so I am just going to use the image on the left as my final design, which is not a bad thing, because its a sleek and positive design, normally the most simple designs come out looking the best, and in this case its happened with this design. Overall I appreciative of my final design, it suits its purpose very well in visually communicating isolation.
Final Design:
Isolation 2.2

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