Corporate Identity

Well corporate Identity, the brief I have been looking forward too the most. We have been asked to design a unique corporate marque / logotype for a company operating within a given, specific area of commerce and to apply this marque to a range of elements within a corporate identity scheme. In order to help me develop such an identity the module will commence with research into existing schemes.


  • Research specific contemporary corporate identities and communicate your findings
    and arguments in written and oral form.
  • Communicate the corporate message and core values of an identified company in terms
    of a visual identity and produce design work applied to a range of applications and formats.
  • Demonstrate clarity, control, co-ordination and consistency in the development & production
    of a corporate identity design scheme.

After being briefed in the project my first task is to Collect examples of 12 corporate marques / logotypes that you consider to be distinctive/memorable/graphically strong. Then analyse three of the twelve logos I have collected.

This analysis should include:

  • The designer or designers that made it
  • When it was designed
  • The components of the marquee e.g. subliminal messages
  • The typeface or typefaces used in the design
  • The corporate colours and try to find the Pantone numbers of these colours.
  • Show a minimum of four examples of the identities application such as packaging, advertising and product identification.
  • Each example has to be annotated about the effectiveness of the corporate styling within each context.

Before I start my research, I will choose a corporate identity from a given list and design a marquee or typeface or both for the company. I am to choose a specific area of commerce from the following, which I feel will provide you with the most interesting / creative possibilities for such a corporate scheme. List below…

CYMATIC: Home Entertainment company (similar to SONY or PANASONIC etc)
MODE: Clothing / fashion outlet (similar to NEXT or RIVER ISLAND or FCUK etc)
NORTHSTAR: An airline company (similar to BRITISH AIRWAYS,VIRGIN etc)
PRODIGY: Sports company (similar to NIKE, ADIDAS, REEBOK etc)
ACTIVATE: A Fitness Centre Group (similar to ESPORTA, GREENS, VIRGIN etc)
NOVA: Digital computer technology manufacturer (similar to APPLE or DELL etc)
STARMAN: A Guitar Manufacturer (similar to GIBSON or FENDER etc)
MAXIMA: Amplification and associated music products (similar to MARSHALL, VOX etc)
LINK: Telecommunications (similar to ORANGE or NOKIA etc)
VIGA: Broadband provider (similar to TALKTALK or PLUSNET etc)specialising in optical broadband
REBEL: Street-wear clothing (similar to QUICKSILVER etc)
ZENEX: Petrochemical company (similar to BP or Q8 etc) specialising in ecological fuels
DIGITEC: An Educational establishment specialising in digital technologies.
MYBANK: A UK-based bank (similar to HSBC or HALIFAX etc)

Looking through the list there is wide variety of options I can choose, most of them seem very interesting and fun to develop. After weighing up which one is going to be the best for me, I narrowed my options down too three choices, these are, VIGA, MYBANK, and NOVA. the three that I have chosen all seem a lot more intriguing compared to the others, the first one Viga, is broadband provider, similar to Plusnet and TalkTalk, I particularly like the name Viga. The second one MyBank is a possibility because I like the look of all types of bank branding, such as brochures and leaflets, there are plenty options in terms of designing. The only aspect that’s putting me off MyBank is the name, I’m not keen on it personally. My last choice is Nova, which is similar to Apple and Dell etc. Again a little similar to MyBank this has lot too offer in terms of designing. I also like the name, its pretty catchy in my opinion. After further thinking time and brainstorming I decided to choose Nova. I think this will be challenging for myself, it offers a lot creative possibilities and is the most fun/formal choice off of the list.

I chose Nova because its the field that’s best for me, I am highly interested in technology and different companies such as apple and dell, but especially Apple. So I think it would be a good challenge to create a company that is as affective as Apple with its products and selling itself with such an iconic marquee.

HERE WE GO!!!!!!!


I started off by collecting a series of logos that I liked and found interesting, we were asked to collect 12, but I found so many that I liked I ended up choosing 14, here are the logos below…..

research.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro  sweet engineers  airtistic  golf

pretty green   rolex  NBC  apple

dell  fedex  windows

coca cola            bmw              itv

Below are my favourite logos from the list of above:

windows        NBC       dell

itv       fedex       apple

I am now going to talk about each logo in detail, I will look at the history of each one, and what aspects I find interesting, the logo I am going to start off talking about is FedEx


fedex  fedex

fedex  fedex

The earliest logo of Federal Express logo was created in 1973 by Richard Runyon. It featured the company’s name in a diagonal position on a blue and white background. The company’s immense success as a huge global delivery firm led to a highly innovative redesign and a massive advertising campaign to support it.The current version of the FedEx logo was designed in 1994 by Lindon Leader who is a corporate design consultant. It turned out to be a huge success and made a perfectly iconic corporate image for FedEx. The logo uses hidden symbolism to carry the brand’s message. Although it may appear very simple, the FedEx logo contains an arrow positioned in the negative space between the E and X pointing rightwards. While this arrow becomes quite apparent when noticed, it sure is totally missed by many viewers. It has been utilised as a form of subliminal advertising of the FedEx brand, typifying forward movement, accuracy and thinking. The purple colour in the FedEx logo epitomises elegance, prestige and prosperity, whereas the silver colour stands for sophistication, creativity and perfection. The FedEx logo uses a custom typeface.I chose to research this logo because I personally like the logo, the colours are rather bright on appearance, the type is a bold custom sans serif, so its easily noticeable. I particularly like logos that have a meaning behind it, in this case its the arrow that features in between the E and X. Overall its brilliantly designed logo and one that I can take a lot of inspiration from.




The NBC logo has been changed several times before finally settling on its present peacock form. The earliest NBC logo was introduced in 1943, which consisted of a microphone. The consequent lightning bolts are thought to have been inspired by the parent company RCA. The three chime notes, made public on NBC Radio in 1927, came with the ‘xylophone’ logo of 1954.The original peacock logo was created by John Graham in 1956, intended to observe the advent of colour broadcasts. The static symbol was given an animated form in 1957. Another logo resembling a ‘snake’ was introduced in 1959 but was discarded in 1975. This logo, too, was animated, and the field after it showed different colours as the familiar chimes played. NBC then employed the red-and-blue version for a couple years, which is said to be the most graphically advanced of all, but the company finally revived their earlier peacock logo with a much refined and amended form in 1986. The NBC logo artistically utilises the colour palette of the peacock feather, which I think gives it a very vibrant, energetic and eye-catching look.


itv  itv

itv  itv

Up until 1989, all of the ITV franchises had individual marques. These individual marques were created by the franchise for their own use and identification within the network. A generic, blocky-looking logo was used infrequently throughout the 1980s, but it was never used as the centrepiece of an identity, and was replaced by the next logo. A new ITV logo was introduced on 1 September 1989, The logo was the center of a whole branding package, there was a national logo and regional logos for all of the ITV franchises. Each franchise had a distinctive portion of their logo included into the V of the ITV logo. On 5 October 1998, the ITV logo was changed to a lower cased blue and yellow affair. This was in line with the fact that, with the upper cased ITV logo used previously, the viewer perception of ITV was a high brow stuffy channel, not aimed at younger audiences. ITV changed the logo to seem friendlier and more well welcoming to younger audiences. On 28 October 2002, a new idents package was rolled out across the regions, The ITV1 logo had been softened with smoother edges by this point and it would animate on in the bottom right hand corner, being formed from 3 aligned blue blocks and one yellow block. The 1st November 2004 heralded a new on-air look coinciding with the launch of ITV3. The ITV1 logo was reworked, splitting it into separate squares. The boxes were arranged as a large yellow square containing the 1 with blue ITV boxes on top. The next presentation of ITV1 was launched on 13 November 2006, just 10 months after the last new look. Following the issues with the previous one, the themes were changed slightly: the logo remained the same shape and style, but with the letters ITV changed to black so as to contrast with the yellow of the logo better this had also saw the end of regional idents for the ITV.

In 15 November 2012, it was announced that ITV1 was to receive a re brand in January 2013, in which it would revert to its old name of ITV. A new curvy logo was introduced with new idents and presentation package. TV’s new idents were created to reflect ‘everyday life of the Great British public’. New idents will be brought in on a consistent basis to reflect the four seasons  Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Also the new ITV logo changes colour on each ident, a process named as colour picking. My first impression of the current ITV logo is good. The curviness gives it a softness and for me it feels very modern. In context, it looks great. One small area that I’m not so keen is that if you concentrate on the logo enough, the ‘I’ the ‘T’ look like a W, other than that I think its an overall great design.


dell     dell

Previous to the year 2010, there were a few different versions of the original Dell Logo. While all of them were very similar, they gave the company much depth; almost as if they had multiple personalities. Towards the end of 2010, the company decided to finally change things up a bit. They created a mixture of their first three logos and added a bit more to it, creating a logo that is truly unique as well as eye catching. The famous global branding agency Siegel and Gale created the first Dell logo in 1984. The slanted E symbolised Michael Dell’s wish to ‘turn the world on its ear’. It slowly gained popularity and eventually became one of the most memorable and iconic logos in the technology industry. Towards the end of 2010, the logo underwent a few changes.The task was given to another branding firm named Lippincott, as they came up with an exclusive, tailor made typeface for the company, ‘Museo’, with the help of Dutch type designer Jos Buivenga, and moved the letters slightly to the left on both of the Ls. The E was also tilted a bit more downward. The blue ring surrounded and protected the iconic Dell logotype, giving it a graphical appearance of a globe (pictured above).

While the differences may not be noticeable right away, there are actually quite a few things going on there that you may not notice at first glance. The letters were been moved slightly to the left on both of the Ls and the E was tilted a bit more downward. What I particularly love about the word ‘Dell is the fact that it is contained within a circle. The colour
blue is bright and represents Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolises trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. These are all things that relate to Dell wonderfully. This company has been something so many of us have grown to trust over the years.



      windows   windows

The earliest known Microsoft logo was designed in 1975. Often known as the groovy logo, It was reflective of the 70′s and 80′s era, and featured glowing disco lights. The second Microsoft logo, which was in use from 1975 to 1987, featured green color and the company name in all uppercase letters. Also known as the ‘blibbet logo’, it contained a fanciful letter O. In 1994, another version Microsoft logo was unveiled which remained the company’s corporate logo until August 2012. The so called ‘Pacman logo’, designed by the American graphic designer Scott Baker, uses Helvetica Italic typeface, and contains a slash between the letters O and S so as to highlight the soft part of the company name and express motion and speed. In August 2012, Microsoft introduced a new logo which incorporated a bright, multi coloured Windows symbol. The four squares, consisting of the familiar Windows colours, tend to portray the diverse portfolio of the company’s products. The logotype was also significantly modified and featured the company name in Segoe UI font. On the other hand, the italic fonts and the cutout on the O, two integral elements of the old Microsoft logo, were noticeably removed. I personally think the new design is clean and calm. There is hardly anything objectionable. But a new marquee is always is a very visible sign that a company is making a change, and this seems to suggest that Microsoft is continuing along the same path of resting on its past successes.




The Apple Logo, designed by Rob Janoff is very much in vogue and needs no glorious introduction whatsoever. The logo is virtually everywhere; on iPhones, the beloved iPod, MACS, iPad and even subtle product placements in our favourite movies or shows. Not only is Apple technologically forward, but its logo is also the essence of innovation. The design is simple, minimal and easily readable which makes it uncomplicated, categorically, it succeeds in grabbing the audiences attention. The logo sharpens a visually appealing apple with a considerable chunk of its right side bitten off. It is transcendent on face value, yet mysterious and seductive on the inside. The bite is what adds character to the logo and makes it all the more captivating. Since the last 30 years the conceptualisation and design, of the logo remains largely unchanged except variations in its colour and just a few alterations per say (pictured above). The Apple logo is easily the most recognised corporate symbol in the world, chances are there won’t be changes any time soon.

The original Apple logo was designed by Jobs and Wayne in 1976, showing Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. It was inspired by the following quotation, ‘Newton… A Mind Forever Voyaging Through Strange Seas of Thought… Alone.’ The organisation’s name was also incorporated into the original logo. Before the iPad, iPhone, and even the first Macintosh, Apple used a typeface called Motter Tektura. The typeface was designed in Austria by Othmar Motter of Vorarlberger Graphik in 1975. At the time, the typeface was considered new and modern. According to the designer of Apple’s famous logo, Rob Janoff, the bite mark was designed to fit snuggly with Motter Tektura’s ‘a’ as seen in the image below. Upon the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984, Apple adopted a new corporate font called Apple Garamond. It was a variation of the classic Garamond typeface, narrower and taller. Almost every single product made between 1984 and 2002 used the typeface. Then in 2002 the typeface was changed again to Myriad and this was used as the main typeface for when ever text was needed such as on packaging and adverts. Avenir was added by Apple to iOS in iOS 6 where it appeared in Siri and Maps. It was designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1988, The font is used much more liberally by Apple in iOS 7 and OS X, appearing in Spotlight and some parts of its website. However its still clear that Helvetica is king for Apple.


Apple products and context….

apple  apple

As I said at the beginning of the project I think it would be a good challenge to create a company that is as affective as Apple with its products and selling itself with such an iconic marquee, hence why I am looking more in to the Apple logo/brand/company more that other logos I have researched. Apple with its products and selling itself with such an iconic marquee. The apple marquee logo is always placed on the back of each product, whether it be the iPhone, iPad, or even Macbooks. This is so people can see the logo, when someone is using one of their products, this is immediately selling the brand, its especially selling it to people who are interested in looking in to the Apple brand. The logo is minimal again, because its such a widely known company marquee across the world they don’t need to use the type, hence the simple marquee on the back of each product. It makes the marquee more desirable and enticing by including the logo amongst there products. The logo is usually made out of a shiny metal/metallic material, this allows it to stand out against the matte finish, especially on the iPhone above.

apple  apple

The Apple shop rather distinctive compared to other technology stores, the front of the store is also unique too. If I had to describe the shop front with one word, it would be minimal, which is not a bad thing in this case, the marquee which is placed in the middle has that similar shiny metal/metallic finish to it, not forgetting the gleaming apple lighting that is used inside the logo. The merest style is carried out inside the shop as well, this is mainly for the products to be the main features of the shop which puts the attention on the products. Just going back to the front of the shop, I noticed that there is no typeface used and as I said on the product side of things, they don’t use type because its such a detectable marquee, which allows the front to be designed in a clean minimal way. This convinces me that as a whole, Apple’s marquee is very sufficient because not only is it perceptible, its can also be used in so many distinctive ways, whether that be the shop, or products etc.

apple  apple

Apple’s design aesthetic has influenced modern web design significantly. It focuses on large areas of white space and big margins in honing in on single areas of content. On the Apple website the Apple marquee is used as the home button for the website on the top menu bar. This keeps the appearence of the menu bar to a minimal it also this makes it easy to identify when you are wanting to go back to the home page, I personally think the marquee sits very well on the website.

Apple corporate manual examples…


It says on the brief we have to do our research on PDF file, so I decided to do both. PDF below….

—–> Jake Kempton Project Research file <—–

Mind Map:


Here is a brief mind map that I just created just weigh my up my options on how I am going to produce my logo, I looked at what colours I am thinking about using, what ideas I have for my marquee, and finally looking at what types I can use. However I’ve decided to do some more research to find ideas that could influence my design for my marquee. My main ideas consist of using a star as the main marquee, another is a series of pixels to build up the letter N in Nova, and finally I am thinking of using the N again but creating it in to a unique shape. Below is collection of ideas I found that had different aspects that I thought could make a unique marquee for my company.

8e0838a046aa0540cba86fbe466ed637.png  8456543c394f10fd085123c8a8efb051.png  0a6aa996c877d4d9aeb42b03c819d4ea.png  c14c223c59bf8734a8081f3e0e6cb5eb.png  b2da8c6729e109bc36c7e08060548ad0.png

ab5ff93a3027eb2c19177bf7dc5966e1.png  54365d0333ad93c3fbd3834b7c92f0c9.png  81bdd9bfeefe0861b032fb453bafeaec.png  5dc2f5927ecf3cd6c80004050b31f378.png  2f323ea05d851a97bedc2037bb825b32.png

35e2275e24d1ff4c6a5c43aa35a7b28b.png  3847938e0824fa7f43a2a3cb14e96206.png  4ac936615dac352c7e1d2ced45635b6a.png  Untitled-1    077367286024c19aff2bffb1ba53732a.png

I chose each one of these logos because they all have an element to them that I want to include in to my designs, finding these logos has given me great inspiration towards creating some concept sketches, finding inspiration is a major component in creating a fantastic and unique logo.

Logo/marquee sketches, Ideas, and Development:

For my marquee for my company, I wanted a design that would be quite clean so it’s compelling at being easily remember able by the viewer, but also adequate to help costs because it has to be applied to every single thing that the company creates. To do this it had to cover a few designs points these being:

  • Make sure logo can work in black and white or gray-scale
  • Simple yet effective
  • Don’t over complicate so its easier to see and understand
  • Make sure the marquee can work with font and type around it
  • Try and link the marquee and the name together
  • Make sure you can see the detail of the logo, when its being scaled down

Below is some of my initial concept sketches I did for my marquee.

B86oj5YIMAANMml  Untitled-1   Untitled-2

Here are the initial concept sketches I have come up with, I have tried to link them with my mind map ideas that I come up with, Ive tried to come up with as many different ideas as possible, Ive also thought about how each one may work with the word ‘Nova’, and how well it will communicate with the type, some of them will and some of them won’t, that’s what I’m about to find out. After doing some sketches I decided to start designing my ideas further with software. Below are some of the ideas I had and the development of these concepts.

Marquee Development:

Untitled-4  Untitled-1  Untitled-2  Untitled-3

Untitled-1  Untitled-2  Untitled-3  Untitled-4

Untitled-1  Untitled-2  Untitled-1  Untitled-3

Here are few rough marquee designs that I have come up with, when I was designing these ideas i took in to consideration what I have done on my sketches. Most of them are very elementary, and straight forward but it does however make much easier to use in different sizes, such as being used on business cards and letterheads, also the detail of the logo doesn’t get erased like some overcomplicated logos do. Most of them do link up to the word Nova, such as the Star, and N logos, but they unfortunately don’t have a connection with the Nova being a computer manufacture company. The reason I have done these rough software designs in black is because I’m not 100% sure what colours to use, however I may not even use a colour depending what my final looks like.

With the ideas I already have above, I tried to base each design around a different element to the logo name ‘Nova’, for some of my designs i have incorporated a star logo because, the connotation behind the word nova is a bright star, the designs worked out pretty well, but it unfortunately there isn’t much rationale behind it it, especially with the nova being a computer manufacture. I want a logo that links up with the name and the company. The designs where I have assimilated the “N” in Nova are the best in my opinion, I tried a different variety of designs around this idea with some of them being a variation of one idea.

Untitled-1      Untitled-1

This is the design I have chosen for my marquee, Ive chosen this one because its simple yet effective, I particularly like the N that’s been created inside of the hexagon shape, I personally think it will look better in colour, which I will attempt to do below. My inspiration for my marquee design came from the logo I looked at earlier, which is pictured above. Its a cordial yet elementary logo, that’s why Its inspired me to take on a similar shape and design.

Logo Colour:



I tried a few different colours schemes amongst my marquee, but for me most if not all of them look extremely bland, there’s nothing wrong with the colour choice in my opinion, I just think it would suit better with more colours to liven it up more. When I was looking at the logos that I researched earlier, I picked up on a certain geometric style (the two logos above), this type of style would look great on my marquee in my opinion, its a style that I have always taken a liking too as well. So I started to develop my marquee further by trying this style below.

Untitled-1   Untitled-2   Untitled-3   

Untitled-4    Untitled-5    Untitled-6

The process was rather simple to do, I firstly created two triangles and placed them so they’re were facing each other, I then grouped and duplicated them continuously pasted each set of triangles below each other, I had to make sure they were lined up perfectly so when I colour the marquee there wont be any gaps or blank lines showing. The fifth screenshot is where I developed the shape of my marquee, I had to erase a section of triangles from each side so the shape of the hexagon was appearing, once the shape of the hexagon appeared, I deleted certain areas of hexagon to get the N shape in the center. Now I have got the shape right, I started to apply colour to my marquee.

Untitled-1  Untitled-2       Untitled-3

This is my first attempt at applying colour to the geometric style. This looks so mych better than the plain solid colour I sued earlier. The different triangle colours will represent the different bitmap pixels that are used in a computer, this links up brilliantly with a computer manufacture, the marquee also has a relationship with name of the company Nova, as the marquee features the Letter N in the center. I notably like this design, however I would like to try it in different colours too, mainly to see what other colours work well together. Below are my other colour experimentation’s..

Untitled-1      Untitled-2      Untitled-4      Untitled-3       Untitled-5

As you can from the development above I went through many colours and variations to find what I liked. The resulting marquee I designed I finally felt was an affective design that was simple enough to work as a corporate marquee with things like colour, detail and size. The design itself is quite simple which makes it easy to understand but also easy to recognise against other marquees because of how simple and resolute it is. Ive tried to make each marquee as clean and positive as possible, in my opinion this helps to sell the company to the target audience by enticing just on their look. For example if I used dark, dingy and combative colours and another marquee used bright, clean, and positive colours, you would choose the latter. The main decision after this was which colour to go with. I liked them all because they all offer something different. But my favourite has to be the first one with different green colours, I chose the green colours because not only do they give off a good ramification but its a natural and positive colour. It is used to represent growth, desire to expand or increase, it is also anything to do with eco friendly so by using green it would be suggesting that the company is eco friendly with its products and the way it generates them. The green colours give the marquee a stronger rational by bringing out the bitmap pixels better compared to the other four designs. I cherish the minor detail of the diamond shape that is perceived in the middle of the marquee design. Overall I am happy with my final marquee, the next stage is to choose the font that I will be using. Final marquee below….


Below are the Pantone colours I have used to create my marque…


We also had to show our logo as a black and white or grey-scale colour, it was pretty hard for my logo to be turned either black or white because I would lose the triangle pixel shape in the logo. I will also be using the grey scale marque on some of the imposition we have to create, because the main primary logo i will be using throughout may colour clash with different elements.


Typeface exploration:


Looking back to mind map I have a few ideas on what I want my typeface to look like, I need to take in to consideration how my typeface will look on promotion material sch as business cards and letterheads, also other typefaces to use for general text and other things a like for all promotional text that the company would use. The typeface I choose ill have to be good so it can be used on different things, this is so the identity of the company is apparent and emulate the cohesion of the identity. Below are a range of different typefaces I studied…

vrinda  viranda Tw Cen MT tw cen mt

shruti shruti     segoe UI segoe ui

kartika kartika   Gill sans mt gill sans mt

Untitled-1 futura    kalinga kalinga

Above is the range of different typefaces I studied. I wanted something that’s clear and simple, but most importantly fits the the bill not only in terms with the marquee, but with the whole identity material such as business cards and letterheads etc. I personally like of all of the fonts, they would all sit well with the marquee in my opinion, the two that I strongly considering are Tw Cen Medium  and Futura medium, and yes if you put them together they look very similar, For example the O in Futura  is a perfect circle whereas with Tw Cen its not. Also the Futura is more thin and lightweight compared to Tw Cen. I personally think Futura is the best choice for my typeface on my marquee, it has a variety of different weights which is good so I can compare the different sizes to see which one works best this will give me more options. Below are the different weights I am considering using…


Out of all the ones I have looked at my favourite is the third one down which is Futura Book BT. I personally think its the one that looks best with my marquee because its not too bold and not too thin, Its quite a powerful font too, and easily viable, also the fact its a sharp font will automatically fit well with the marquee. I think the other fonts, especially the first one didn’t suit the marquee as well, the top one which is Futura light reminded me of an opticians font. They just lacked that cutting edge compared to the one I chose.





Above you can see the advancement of my marquee and layout design. The first images as you can see I placed the marquee on the right hand side of the text, I kinda like the idea of the positioning of it, the sharp point of the A lined up perfectly with the middle of the marquee design, this is gave it a more efficient appearance. The second one as you can see I moved to the left hand side of the logo, I seemingly thought this looked a better than the first one, I had the idea of making the marquee much larger than the typeface, I experimented with this because I think it would look better on different types of stationery such as letterheads and comp slips. Following on from the last marquee, I placed the logo on top of the type, I kinda like the way its been centered in line with the vertical edges of the hexagon shape marquee, however I personally don’t think it will sit well on my super impositions. The last one I looked at incorporating the marquee on the left hand side again, however, same as the first designs I lined the type so its sits with the middle of the marquee. I left gap distance the same as the N inside the marquee.


This the layout I liked the most, I immediately knew I was going to use this layout as soon as the placement of it fitted perfectly. I especially like how the height of the vertical side of the marquee matched the height of the type, this gave it a clean professional edge, and not forgetting how well the size id to take measurement X for when I scale up my design. Finally the width of the white N inside the marquee is the same width as the what the type is from the marquee (pictured below)


Corporate Stationery:

For my corporate stationery the brief stated we had to create an A4 letterhead, business card, and compliment slip. The first piece corporate stationery I started was my letterhead, I wanted something that was simple and practical. I set about designing a few different layouts to see which ones would work the best. My first idea was to have the corporate marquee in the top left hand corner, the reason I want it to be in the top corner is because when people ope the letter they will know who its from. The address will feature underneath, which will also been seen when people open the letter.

sjdfsjf     ajfjksfhas

Here are the first two letterhead designs I experimented with, I just had a play around with different areas of positioning. I used the same font as I use on my marquee, but with just different weights, I used a light Futura BT for the main text, and a bold Futura BT for the addressee’s name etc. I also used a 9 point text by 14 leading, this was an acceptable measurement as it lined up the text very professionally. As you can clearly see I opted to use a water mark in the background, I think this lifts the appearance of the letterhead, however water marks are used regularly on stationery, but especially letterheads, so I thought it would be a good idea to some more designs.

sdfwrwrgee  sjdfsjf

I had a go at just leaving the letterhead blank with no water mark or patters, and it surprised me t because because the simplicity of it gives it a simple and effective outcome. I also thought it would be better to line the marque point in line with the text underneath as you can see on the right screenshot. This give the ‘letterhead a more subtle look, its sleek and works well aligning with the text.

sddsfd      dfgdfsgdfgdf

I carried the alignment on my marquee on to my next letterhead designs. I come up with the idea of using triangle at the bottom of the page. The reasoning behind the triangles is the fact on my logo I used triangles too, the triangles represent Bitmap pixels. I used the same process to create the triangles as I did when I created my marquee. I agreed that this was a good idea, In my opinion I think the pattern triangles across the bottom look very authentic. They link up nicely with the logo and also lift the overall presence of the letterhead. I need to find a way of incorporating to the Nova details and address better on my design. The screenshot on the left does feature the address but in a mediocre way. The next step I am going to take is to sort my company details on my letterhead.


After taking in to consideration what I said about my last design, I started to make some minor changes. As you can I have replaced my company address to a more suitable and effective place. the face that its in the top right hand corner gives the letterhead an overall improvement. I love the the fact it lines u to the top of the words Nova on the marquee designs. The different weights and colours I have used give it a more creative edge, it brightens the mood of the letterhead in my opinion. Finally I added a slogan at the top the address section, the slogan is ‘When performance matters’ I personally think this is a very acceptable slogan in terms of Nova being a computer technology manufacture, it also makes a lot of sense because you want your computer or any other device to perform the best they can hence the slogan ‘When Performance Matters.’ Lastly there are a few more minor changes I did for the better of my letterhead, one of my favourites being the small triangles I have added to the side of each section, such as the the addressee. Lastly I added a signature to make the letterhead more corporate and realistic. Overall I am very happy with my letterhead design, It looks very professional in terms of the looks and placement of each aspect. The next stage I am going to create my compliment slip, this should be pretty simple as I already have my Letterhead design.

Final Letterhead design


Letterhead stationery

I added a back design to my compliment slip, I decided on this because I wanted to carry on the triangle designs I created, I wanted them to appear more amongst my stationery because they represent the meaning behind the logo, which is ‘bitmap pixels’. The pattern on the back was very easy to create, I used the same process for designing my logo. I think its brings the letterhead out a lot better in terms of the quirkiness of it. It sits well and brights the letterhead more. I was originally inspired to do this by the image below, as soon as I saw the image, it immediately caught my eye, that’s what I want my letterhead to do, the back designs of a letterhead is not something that is done very often, because companies usually want something that is plain and ordinary. I want my letterhead to be eye catching and distinct on appearance.

Compliment Slip design:

Next I moved on to my compliment slip, I wanted to keep a design similar to the letterhead so it remains a set and is accurate at enforcing the Nova Identity. Here are some of the compliment slip designs I tried below…


The first design I tried to make as minimal as possible, I didn’t want any overkill, I think I have achieved it in that sense, but the bottom and the wit compliments could do with a little more work in terms of design and positioning. I’m think of incorporating the triangle design I used on my letterhead, I think this will brighten up the appearance more, it will also link with the letterhead better to because its enforcing the nova identity in a stronger manor.Other designs below…



As you can clearly see I have made a few changes from the first designs I had. I moved the ‘with compliments’ left so that its sits under the point on the marquee, which I have done for m letterhead design. I also used the triangle design at the bottom of the page, on first appearance I think it gives the comp slip a more efficient look in terms of enforcing the identity. However I didn’t want the bottom triangle design to be too big so I had to make it a little smaller for the likes of any other copy or writing applied to the compliments slip. Overall I am very happy with my final compliment slip

Final Compliment slip


Business Card designs

For my business card design I wanted to to follow the same corporate style I had used for letterhead and comp slip, I aimed for something that was simple and fresh, below are some of the designs I experimented with….

Uadhuhfduhfd  sdfwefwe

The first designs I decided to have all the information on one side, and nothing on the back. I incorporated a similar pattern design I used on my letterhead, I think it looks fantastic, however I am not keen on the text placement, it just doesn’t work for me, in my opinion it doesn’t work as well I i would of liked. The best part of the design is the back.

,kcmsdklfmdsklf  asjdAJKFDSKJfndj

I took the areas of the last design I didn’t like and edited them in this business card design. I think this overall design looks a lot more sleek and professional. I prefer how I’ve got text on both the front and the back, the front of the designs gives off a cleaner appearance, I like the colour I have used for my slogan, its a crisp colours and sits well with the logo design. The back of the design is where it comes to life a lot more. I decided to keep the triangle pattern, but I did have to edit it slightly if I wanted to fit some text on the back, I originally was inspired from the business card design below on how to position the pattern triangle. The love the simplicity of the font positioning, I like how it lines up perfecting in the middle with the front of the card, the font is Futura BT light, and italic, the font is crisp and sleek, and works nicely on the business card. Finally I used small triangles instead of bullet points because I used triangles on my letterhead. Using the triangles enforced the identity stronger in my opinion. Overall I am very happy with my business stationery, they all link well with the logo design, and all give off a professional appearance.

Final Business Card design



Business card application

After finishing my business card I super imposed on to a stock image that I purchased..

business card template

Nova Website design:

When first thinking of what applications a computer manufacture would need, I immediately thought a website, computer manufactures such as apple and dell etc have a lot of their sales through the a website, so I thought it would be a good idea to create one for Nova. I started off by thinking where I would place navigation bar and imagery etc. I had a look at few computer manufacture websites just to get an idea about the layout.


Here are just tow examples I found, the first one is apple and the second is Dell, I particularly like the structure of both. My favourite thing about both of them is the big image that immediately catches your eye, this is something that has given me an idea of hat to consider in my website.

djdfsj      picture5

I stayed to developed my navigation bar for the website, I tried to keep it as clean and sparse as possible because all my other designs have been very sleek, and I want to keep that consistent theme going across my identity. I used Futura Medium BT for the font. I opted to orientate the marque in the top left because that where it features on my stationery. The next stage I went looking for an image I could place on my website, after further investigation I come across this image design, I like the simplicity of it, and I think it can work well amongst my website design.

picture5  picture5

As you can see I changed the colour of the background and edited the text so it looks more realistic towards my identity. I had to cut out the original black background out using the pen tool, I then coloured the background in pantone 319 c colour, this lifted the image immensely, and gave it an appearance that will fit my website perfectly. I had to created some new type, I used Futura Bold BT, I used the slogan when performance matters too. I think the slogan gives it that extra added finish to the image. I imposed the imagery to the website navigation bar, its had a brilliant look once id lined it up. I had the edge of the image running of the point on the marque n the left hand corner. Because I want to super impose my image to an iPad, I need to impose a search bar for my website..


I managed to find a search bar, but i did have to remove all of the content that was inside the bar, to do this I used the the spot healing brush tool. the step is super impose the type I want..


I added the content I wanted, I think it has a more realistic look towards my website, the nest stage is to super impose to my website…


The final website design looks very clean and sleek in my opinion, its not to busy which I like. The fact that it features the search bar at the top, does originally give the website a better look. the colours link up very well too.


This is the image that I will be super imposing on to, it will bring the website to life a lot more, and also have a effective final outcome.

picture5  SDSdsADSA

I firstly had to cut the main iPad screen image out using the polygon tool, I then used the vanishing point to super impose my website design across on to the iPad screen. Once I had super imposed the website on to the screen, I had to multiply the website image so that it would send to the back of the persons hands holding the iPad. Multiplying the website image wa the best thing I did because it had a desired outcome as you can see below…

Final website imposition

Nova website imposition

Nova Employee’s

I had the idea of creating some Nova employee’s I think the idea of this is pretty good, because this is something that could feature amongst my manual. I like the idea of having someone helping a customer, or if not acknowledging a customer, I think having the employee interacting wit someone makes the image seem more realistic on appearance. I found some stock images below that I am thinking of using…

Apple employee helps customer with iPad 2 in Chicago 

As you can see my main inspiration has come from apple, this reason is because the uniform is just so easy and simple, its nothing to over complicated. I started off by choosing which images would work best with my marque, I like the look of the last three, they feature high resolution imagery, and all focus on the main factors I was looking for whch was interacting with a customer.


This is the first one I looked about editing, The first I wanted to do was change the colour of his shirt to suit my marque. What I had to do was cut around the blue shirt with the pen tool, I had to select the image and use the Hue and Saturation option, I played around with the colours a little just to get the right balanced colour. I opted to go for a green colour because its used amongst my whole stationery and marque.


The next stage I set about bringing my logo in to the image. As my coloured logo would clash with the shirt designs, I had to use the greyscale one, I had to distort and skew the logo to get the right position on the shirt, I tried to make it look as realistic as possible. Also before imposing my marque, I had to get rid of the apple logo,I used the Sport healing brush tool again to get rid. I had to add some shading the my marque and also drop the opacity a little, just to give it that realistic edge. Finally I had to use the clone stamp tool to get rid of any unwanted colours.

Untitled-2  Untitled-2

Finally to finish the image off I added my logo to the background. However, firstly I had to use the spot healing brush tool to get rid of the apple genius logo in the background. To impose my logo there I had use the Gaussian Blur which was relatively simple to use to say I’ve never used it before. Once I had blur the marque enough I then had to multiply the image so it faded in to the background. This was a feature I was very happy with doing, the minor details of the image stand out just that little bit more. Overall I a relatively happy with the image I have edited. Final image below…

Nova Employee


I also used the same process to my other employee’s….

nova genius worker

nova worker

Nova Store

Obviously one of the first things that springs to mind about a computer manufacture is a company store. I wanted a store that Looks professional and clean, and also fits in with the corporate identity. I was quite lucky really because I found the perfect image I am going to use or my store front, its just the right size, and it should look great with the marque super imposed on the top of it. Stock image below…

I started to think if I wanted the whole of my marque on the shop front or just the symbol of it, I opted to go just the symbol in the end, I personally think its will have a better effect without the typeface.


The first job I had to do was to get rid of the windows logo on top of the shop, I tried using the spot healing brush tool again, but it kept blurring every time I tried it, so I opted to use the patch tool instead which worked a lot better as it got rid of the whole windows logo in the click of a button. I then brought my symbol across in to the image, and imposed at to the top of the store front. I tried using the vanishing point again but it was to complicated to angle, so I just used the distort and skew tool instead, this worked out better than expected as you can see above. I decided to add some effects to my symbol, I used drop shadow which made my symbol more 3d, its helped the logo look more realistic. i also added an inner glow this because most shops who have logo impositions with a back shadow are usually cause my the light behind a logo.

Microsoft_Store_Front   dkfpsdofksdof

I also edited minor details such as the computer  screens inside the store, also the employees t shirts again. O think that fact I have added the green colour to the computer screens make the store more realistic towards Nova

Nova store

shop front


The brief states we have to create environmental applications, hence the shop above, but we also have to create a signage banner and a company headquarters. I set about this by finishing some stock images that I could use for each one. here they are below…



Here are the two signage images I found. The first will act as a company headquarters, and will feature on the firs page of my manual. The second will also feature in the manual but possibly on a contents page. The next stage is to super impose my primary logo on to my images.


The element I had to do was get rid of the bank type on the image, to get rid of this I covered it with a white rectangle, this is where my marque will be placed, I chose a white background because throughout my designs the marque sits on a white background, I also multiplied the white background so it dims the colour a little, this is so its fits in with the other colours in the image.


I used the vanishing point again to impose my marque on to the signage, I feel this is an easier tool to use rather than distort and skew. I had to select my marque, copy it and deselect it, I then pasted it tin to the banishing point filter, and edited it from there. I was really happy with the results afterwards, it looked very professional once I had imposed it.


I added a drop shadow to the edge of the white background so it looks more realistic, when you zoom out this has a very good effect as signage becomes more viable. The shadow makes it look more like a sign in my opinion, I think without it would look like a sticker imposition, the 25% drop Shadow gives it that creative edge.

I sued the same process for the outside signage image, this also featured a drop shadow effect, but however i did have to make it darker so the sign stood out more. Final signage impositions below….

front building signage outside signage

Product and packaging

This stage I looked at product packaging, as it states on the brief I have to apply marque to packaging and point of sale stands etc. I look at different products and elements of a computer manufacture to see what component i can impose my marque on to. This image I come across was an iPhone, I had the idea of imposing my marque on to the back of the dark image, because its a dark image I used my secondary logo which I the grey scale one.

Iphone  sdfsdfsdffg

I had to remove the existing apple logo using the spot healing brush tool, I then brought my secondary logo in and distorted and skew it, I used distort and skew, because the base image and where i ant to place my logo wasn’t good enough for the vanishing point filter, so it was easier to distort the marque. Once I had got the right shape for my logo, I dropped the opacity to around 59% so that it looked moor realistic on the back of the phone. I added some noise too because if you look at the back of the phone, there is almost a light grainy effect, so adding the noise made the marque look moor apart of the phone application.


I also added my marque to an employee lanyard…

nova name badge

Implying the logo to the lanyard very easy I used the vanishing point filter again and then multiplied the logo, so it dimed the colours ever so slightly. I also changed the lanyard neck string to colour pantone 316C, To do this I used the magic wand tool to select the neck string and used the Hue and Saturation filter which the changed the colours I wanted it too.

Nova HQ reception

I wanted to use a reception/office amongst my designs, As most company headquarters have receptions I decided to create an reception scene to show the marque applied to the reception desk features.

I set about finding the perfect image, and I come across one on Shutterstock, the image I’m my opinion a beautiful shot. When searching on Shutterstock I try to use images that match my corporate colours. The desk and wall colours fit the bill really nicely for my design to fit on too.


The first thing I set about doing was imposing the Nova logo to the background above the reception area to do this I added the marque to the page.


I used the vanishing point to impose my design on to the background design, I had to darken the marque ever so slightly so it wasn’t too overpowering with the bright colours. I used the multiply tool again to make it look more rational when zoomed out.

Outcome above.

I orginally thought just having the nova sign was just too minimal so I decided to add the slogan to the top of the desk ‘When Performance Matters’ I distorted it and curved the slogan around the reception desk. I like the outcome of this imposition because its extremely subtle.

business card template

The final element of the image I chose to edit as the blue coloured glass that is the right hand corner, I wanted to change it to a green colour like my marque. I had use the polygon tool to go around the glass design, I selected it and used the hue ad saturation option again. When I zoom out the design seems more suitable towards the Nova identity, I the way I have changed the glass area just shows the extra added detail.


Final Nova HQ reception

nova office

Leaflets and A4 Brochure development:

We were asked to create 3 leaflets and an A4 Brochure front cover. I set about designs my leaflets first, the leaflets had to e the third of an a4 page which is 210mm x 99mm.

The three services I will be using are

– In-store discounts June 2015

– Nova online help guidelines

– Nova specialist support service

each leaflet will focus on a different help/service provided by the company.

My tutor brought me in some existing computer manufacture leaflets for me to look at and gain inspiration. I liked the style and layout of the leaflets, I am going to use a similar sort of style on my Nova leaflets.


I started off by choosing what image I wanted to use for my Nova specialist support service, I originally wanted use three images but it was too overkill for my liking so narrowed it down to one. I choose to place the image in the center of the leflet, almost banner like.


The next stage I set about placing my marque, I wanted the marque to be centered towards the top of the leaflet, when I look at other existing leaflets the marquee is usually centered, it looks really professional in my opinion. The use of negative space around the marque gives the leaflet a minimalist yet subtle look.

Untitled-1  Untitled-1

The next stage I experimented with the text on the leaflet, I think the placement of the text is nicely positioned, the green bar that features adds that extra quality to the design, it lifts overall design of the leaflet. The type used is Futura BT Bold, that bold text stands out to customers. Also if you look closely you can see the text runs of the point on the marque symbol, just like it does throughout my designs.


I thought the bottom of the leaflet design looked a little bare so I decided to feature the slogan at the bottom of the leaflet, the ‘When Performance Matters’ slogan runs of the point on the marque symbol, just like the ‘nova specialist support service’ type above.

I applied the same consistency to my other two service leaflets.

Final Service Leaflets




I decided I wanted to super impose my designs on to a leaflet stand. I did some researching to try and find the perfect image, I did eventually manage to find the perfect image for my super imposition, again shuttertsock provided the image I wanted.


It was a pretty stressful job to super impose my leaflets on to the stand because the angel was pretty hard to create and I had to re shape each leaflet several times.

leaflet super imposition

I added the Nova marque to the top of the stand just add extra detail. I had the idea of multiplying my leaflets when i super imposed them, but white colour would basically dissolve which what I didn’t want. Overall I am very happy with the super imposition, I think it has an elegant display about it.

A4 Brochure

I had a good idea on the layout of my brochure because I want to keep it consistent with my leaflet designs, I want to keep it as minimal as possible, no overkill. The brochure will feature similar  information that features amongst the leaflet designs.

– Nova Specialist Support

– Nova Help Guidelines

– In-store Products

I started off by choosing what images I wanted to use on my brochure design, I did end up choosing three, three images being for each section inside the brochure. If you look closely I used also create a imposition of someone holding a phone with the nova website on, this is because I couldn’t fit that iPad image on the brochure design, it filled the whole page to  much.


The image above will feature in the center of my brochure design, this is because the images on my leaflet also feature in the center.


As you can see the top of the brochure features the marque and light green line I used on my leaflet design, I carried the same design across on to my brochure design, the only difference being the slogan ‘When Performance Matters’ features towards the top of the page instead of the bottom.


The bottom of the page features whats inside the brochure. Again I lined the text up the point on my marque symbol. I like the simplicity of the design, its not too overkill which is want I didn’t want from the start. I used Futura BT Bold for the text on my brochure design, the same one as my leaflet design.

Final Brochure design


Brochure Imposition

brochure imposition

I decided to super impose my a4 brochure design. The imposition was pretty simple, I think the fact I have chosen to impose my design on to a stock image lifts the corporate design, it puts my brochure in to a professional category which I am really happy with.

Corporate Manual Development:

Now that all my content finished I can start to think about putting together my manual.

To keep the manual corporate I wanted to use the same colours as used with my brochures and other content. I also needed to design a contents page and section dividers for my manual. When starting my manual I set up an Indesign Document, facing pages, then downloaded a book template from blurb as I want to get my manual professionally printed.

Once the book template was applied to my Indesign document It gave me an idea of what dimensions I was working to and where my final file size and bleed lines were. I decided to go for a large manual, 13×10 inches.

This is the document set up with guides shown.


After this was set up I went about designing the section pages for my manual. As said before I wanted to use the same colour scheme throughout, incorporating the Nova Identity where ever possible.

For the front cover I just tried keep it as minimal as possible, I wanted a similar style carried across, I used the same bar at the bottom of the cover as I used on my corporate stationery, I want to carry the bar through my whole corporate manual.


This is the front cover of my corporate manual, I just anted to keep the front design as simple as possible, I was originally going to have an image, But I much prefer the prime marque in the middle of the cover. I also like the bar of triangles at the bottom, I am going to use the bar on most of my pages.


As soon as the Manual is open you immediately see the image on the right hand side, I think this is a nice touch, because its warm and welcoming towards the reader.


This is the contents page, I love the large image I have used to fill up the white space, I think the image gives off a warm, welcoming, positive mood.


This is the section 1 page, as you can see rather similar to the contents page, which I like because it keeps the manual consistent.


This is the first official page, it looks at the logo, and shows the measurements of the marque.

















I’m extremely happy with my overall manual design, its clean its contemplate sleek and subtle, the design is consistent. I don’t think it could’ve got any better if I’m being honest.


What an incredible journey this has been, probably the most stressful one if I’m being honest, but I have enjoyed the project from start to finish. This has probably been my favourite project so far, I absolutely love corporate ID and after completing this project, I love it even more.

I have learned mountains of new techniques, such as normal tools and filter, for example vanishing point, healing brush tool, Gaussian blur etc the list goes on. The big thing I have learned in the project is creating corporate manual, creating my manual has been a very rewarding experience seeing my logo turn in to a professional outcome. The one area I was surprised about is how strict the rules are for corporate ID, I didn’t even realise the amount of elements that have to be created.

Another skill set I have added to throughout the project would be my Photoshop abilities.I believe that I had reasonable skill on Photoshop, but after using it heavily to produce my in context images for my manual I feel like my ability has grown further, learning how to use the vanishing point filter successfully and how to confidently superimpose my designs onto existing images would be the two greatest skills acquired.

The main area where I have improved immensely is Adobe InDesign, Ive never been the most confident with using the program because I rarely used it in the past up until this year. I’m used to doing most of my work in…. ILLUSTRATOR, and I have finally come the conclusion that (deep breath) InDesign is the better program.

I am absolutely thrilled with my finished manual, the best piece of work I have ever produced. In my opinion the Nova marque and finished manual looks professional and addresses all the elements of corporate identity well and thoroughly. If I was to create another corporate manual in the future I would feel much more confident when starting the task. This because of the new skills and knowledge I have gained throughout doing my Nova Corporate ID.

Comparing this to the last project I did (iWonder) I feel I have gone through a similar process in terms of the amount of ups and downs I’ve had over the past weeks with this project. But that’s the world of Graphic Design! I’ve said once but I’ll say it again Corporate Identity has been brilliant, its something that I would cherish to do permanently in the long term future.

All I have to say is….



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