Aside the Corporate Identity module we were also given the chance to pick an advertising brief from two competitions, D and AD which is an international competition and Roses which is a Yorkshire based competition. We were given a selection of different briefs, below are a few that I am contemplating with….

WWF brief:

The WWF is all about Inspiring a new generation to understand that we all have an impact on our planet and an effect on its health. 14 to 24 year olds, who have the opportunity to shape their futures. They might be interested in the cause but it’s difficult to engage them to the point of action.

The brief states “So how do you make people engage with it and then change their behaviour?” This is probably one of the toughest briefs out of the selection we have been given, but its one that excites me. Put it this way its not the easiest task trying to get someones attention about the WWF, especially young people, however I do feel I am capable of living up to the brief.


The We Transfer brief is all about you, and where you will be in 10 years time, you can be whoever, wherever, however you want to be.

The brief states… “Create your response in any medium you feel best represents you (the future you).” hence why I like this brief because its so wide open, you can do just about anything. It could be done  for self-promotion, publication, retail or something else all together.

TALK TALK brief:

The talk talk brief seems very challenging, the objective is too Create a content rich campaign to show TalkTalk as the forward thinking, creative agitator of the telecommunications industry.

How can Talk talk be different? How can TalkTalk show the consumer that they’re different? How, when standing shoulder to shoulder with their competitors, can they disrupt the “me too” attitude? And how do they do it differently if they too offer phone, broadband, TV and entertainment? What else could they provide? It’s a diverse world, with digital at its heart, but that’s not all – so how do other media fit into the campaign? You have to think about which channels and touch points will be relevant to your idea – mobile, print, online, experiential, social…


The aim of this brief is to wake Facebook users up to home delivered coffee, but to make people want to try it. Think about Facebook as a platform in the widest sense: what are its capabilities, and how could these change in the future.

So who are Pact? Pact is London-based start up on a mission to get people drinking better coffee, by conveniently delivering fresh roasts straight to the door. Their beans are expertly roasted in the UK before being sent to customers within 24 hours. Their flexible subscription model, coupled with their ability to recommend roasts tailored to personal tastes, has built up a host of loyal customers. Pact are already using Facebook profitably, but have only scratched the surface of the platforms potential.

The brief states, “Use Facebook to not just raise awareness of Pact, but to make people want to try it.” The target audience are Coffee drinkers 20-45 years who regularly buy instant or ground coffee from the supermarket.They probably don’t know the difference that freshness of roast makes to the taste.

So which brief am I going to choose?

They all excite me in different ways, but the one I know I will come up with the best ideas for is the Facebook and Pact brief, so that’s the one I am going use as my D&AD entry. This brief has quite a large area of branding to it, which is one of my main strengths, I think it has given me a great opportunity to show off certain skills and also a great creative challenge.



Here are a few coffee posters and advertisements that I found interesting. The first advertisement poster I stumbled upon was the McDonalds advert for two new coffee drinks, I particularly like the font has been used on the poster, you tend to see similar fonts on other coffee advertisements, I think it suits the over all poster very well. The type style on the poster is something that I might incorporate in to my designs. The second advertisement caught my eye immediately, the imagery stood out more than anything, its a weird way to promote coffee, but at the same time its remarkably clever, I like how it makes you look and then look again, it catches your attention straight away which is good because it gets the poster in to your head. However I personally don’t think its fit for purpose because the imagery doesn’t have anything to do with coffee, other than the colours of it. Overall its a clever advertisement, and uses an eye catching image display, this something that I could consider in terms of my advertising campaign ideas. The third coffee advertisement I found is a poster design for a coffee brand called ‘coffee mate’ from Nestle. It’s not a advertisement that I notably love, I just think the imagery used is very alluring, this is due to the Barista patterns that have been created in the three coffee images, Its style that really strikes out to me, I’m even thinking of using this type of amongst my advertising campaign. Finally the last image I come across is an advertisement for Colombian coffee on Avianca airline, its a similar type of style to the last one I looked at, but I think this one is a better version, because it communicates with the company and theme. As its advertising coffee on an airline, I think its clever the way they’ve integrated the barista plane designs on top of each coffee. Its very minimalistic too with a lot of negative space which is probably a good thing in terms of this design because it would overkill the whole design. Overall the last design is probably my favourite with regards to the advertisement. Each logo has given me a few solid ideas for my Facebook/Pact coffee advertising campaign. On to my ideas!!

IMG_4493[1]          hdwed


After researching a few existing advertising coffee campaigns I started to jot a few ideas down to get my advertising brain in gear, I also did brainstorming just to give me some solutions on how I am going to construct an idea. I evidently came up with what I think, two pretty strong ideas. The brief states  ‘wake up Facebook users to home delivered coffee’, and ‘get people wanting to try pact coffee’, so I thought it would be a good idea to answer the brief by setting a challenge, a challenge that would be based around pact coffee, the first idea I have is like a secret code competition, people would receive a cup holder around there plastic cup of coffee, the cup holder will have a code on it, the person who finds the matching code wins a prize of a free supply of pact coffee for a year, now I did like the sound of this idea, but I don’t think the competition would be long enough to get people comparing pact to the likes of Costa and Starbucks. So the second Idea I have is a Barista based competition, (the idea for this was inspired from the ‘coffee mate’ and ‘Avianca’ coffee advertisements). The idea behind this is to produce a competition for every one of the twelve months, for example, for the month of December the competition will state, create a Barista Christmas theme e.g a Christmas tree or an image of Santa clause etc. I’m going to use stencils to create my coffee patterns for each month, in my opinion using stencils will give the imagery a more diverse appearance and creative edge on my advertisement campaign. Each month will consist of different competition. People will have to enter the competition through Facebook by uploading a status of their entry on to the pact coffee Facebook page. I’m thinking of using a hashtag as well so other people can look at other entrants competition designs. At the end of every month we will look through all the entries that have been submitted, and pick the top ten best ones. We will then ask the public to vote for their favourite design out of the ten we chose, we will have a first, second, and third place. The winner will receive a year supply of free pact coffee. I personally think the Barista competition is my strongest idea, because its a monthly competition, it may continue to grow over each month unlike the secret code idea I presented first, also the winners receive prizes of free coffee, which will appeal to the target audience of coffee lovers (20-45) years. The first idea was going to be a one off competition which is not solid enough. Next I am going to be doing some more research on existing coffee advertisements and none coffee advertisements, I will also look at stencils and posters just to get a little more inspiration towards my idea.



Here are some more poster adverting examples, the first one I found is an advert for Douge Egberts coffee, I chose this one because its the type of style that I will be using amongst for my designs. I think the layout of the advertisement is simple yet competent, The serif font at the bottom of the poster is very similar to the font Brush Script, if you look at a lot of coffee advertisements, more than half feature a similar sort of font, in this case the type works very well in my opinion, its one that I am thinking about contemplating with throughout my designs. The only element I’m not keen is the imagery inside the coffee cup, you can tell its not been done by hand, its quite clearly been Photoshopped which is a shame because I think it would look better and more prudent if it had been created by hand. The second coffee poster I found is advertising Maxwell House Cafe, I don’t thinks its clean cut as the first one I looked at, for me its a tad mundane. However I chose to look at it because it features a Barista style image, the image of the heart on top of the coffee gives off a warm mood about the cafe, also using an image for the top of the coffee is way interesting than just not doing anything with it at all. The text used throughout is a modern serif, It suits the poster rather well, the positioning of the type is centered which works well in this case, the words ‘instant amore’ stand out really well, especially with the bright pink colour. Maybe using bright colours on my designs will help my advertising campaign stand out. The third image is not really an advertising campaign but just a Barista pattern image, I chose this mage because its the type of image style I will be using amongst my designs. The pattern has been designed using a Barista stencil, I particularly think this one is a very good example of what I want to do. Finally the last image is just another examples on another stencil design, again the type of style I want to use on my designs. Overall I think a Barista stencil design will look brilliant on my advertising campaign its diverse and quirky way of advertising a coffee campaign. It’s even better that it will be made in to a competition.

Here are some more examples of coffee advertisements…



After finding some pretty good examples of coffee advertising, I started to focus on my pact coffee advertising campaign. I needed to come up with an idea for my Barista competition for each month, for example December will feature a Christmas theme and April will feature an Easter theme competition etc. I jotted down a different theme for each month, below is the ideas I came up with for each month….


As you can see I managed to come up with an idea for each month, I had to research a little further in to certain months because some didn’t consist of obvious events such as Easter and Christmas. The brief states ‘Raise awareness of pact coffee’ I think the competition being monthly will ‘raise awareness’ but more importantly it will hopefully attract more coffee lovers towards pact coffee. Below is a list of the competitions themes for each month….

January – New Year Theme

February – Valentines Theme

March – St Patrick’s Theme

April – Easter

May – National Pet Month

June – Summer

July – Wimbledon Tennis

August – Happiest Month

September – Autumn

October – Halloween

November – Bonfire night

December – Christmas

IMG_4565[1]  IMG_4566[1]  IMG_4567[1]  IMG_4568[1]

After knowing what I will be doing for each month, I started to focus on stenciling my designs. Above are the stencils I managed to purchase from a website called I think the fact I have purchased my stencils will have a more of an impact in terms of the appearance of my imagery. Next I started to play around by trying out some stencil designs….

IMG_4519[1]  IMG_4450[1]  IMG_4454[1]  IMG_4522[1]  IMG_4466[1]  IMG_4511[2]  IMG_4646[1]  IMG_4535[1]  IMG_4531[1]

Here are just a few examples of what I did to create some of my stencils, the first few attempts didn’t go too well as you can see above, this was because the coffee wasn’t filled to the top of the cup, so every time I tried my stencils the outcome was pretty poor. The best way for the stencils to work is to fill the coffee all the way to the top, It still took me a couple of attempts the get each stencil perfect, but when I did get it right the outcome was great (as you can see in the images above). I personally think they will look fantastic amongst my advertising posters. I tried to consolidate my research with the my actual imagery, the images above are showing how I have tried to do this. I aimed for the same professional look as the Barista pattern images below, I think I have achieved a solid look for my imagery, It was a creative risk using the Barista stencils for my imagery as I’ve never experimented with anything like it before, however for my first attempt I am very happy with the outcomes. The next step is to incorporate my Barista stencil designs in to some posters designs, I need to think about the layout , structure, and also how I will make it appeal to the target market of coffee lovers ages 20-45 years.


Above are the images from my research that I was inspired by to create my stencils.

Development posters

This image below is what I will be using for my 12 poster designs, I was originally going to use different images for each month, and use different coloured shaped cups. But after asking a few people about what coffee cups they had, they all seemed to have a white rounded shape mug. So I decided to use a white round mug. I opted to use the same image for each design to keep each design consistent.

April Poster

As you can see from the stencils that I created, I had to cut the top of the stencil design out using the pen tool, I then brightened the image to get rid of the dark edge. I then brought stencil design in to the stock image and super imposed it over the coffee cup, I used the spot healing brush tool to get rid of any unwanted marks.

Untitled-2  Untitled-2

I was in two minds about the text so I did two versions, one in brush script sans and one in corbel regular. I was undecided on which one to use.

  Untitled-2  Untitled-1

Here are the two I am considering, I wanted the type that not only looked the most appropriate but actually communicates better with the poster design. After further thinking and adjustments I eventually choose the corbel font, I think the fact that when people see the poster they’ll be able to read it clearly unlike the Brush Script font which is rather tough to read the smaller the type.

Untitled-1  Untitled-1

The next stage of the poster design was to incorporate the Pact Coffee logo on to my design. I decided to plac the logo in the bottom right had corner, I like the way I have engraved the logo in to the wood, I personally thin its a nice tough to the poster. I used the multiply tool to engrave the logo.


This is the final poster layout design I will be using, I like the way I have constructed the overall poster, the image above is promoting the May competition which is national pet month hence the dog image. I think the fact that I have mentioned ‘a year supply of free pact coffee’ may change peoples coffee routine, because a year supply of free coffee is every coffee lovers dream. I think the poster will look great when imposed on t the pact coffee website and inside magazines promoting the competition. The fact there’s a competition each month and a chance for someone to win a year supply of free pact coffee will maintain Pacts tone of voice and approachability in my opinion.

I applied the same method to my other poster designs, I kept the same layout and scale, the only difference is the Barista pattern image and some of the text. Other posters below….

January poster  february poster

March poster  April Poster

May poster  June poster

july poster  August poster

september poster  October poster

November poster  december poster

Overall I am very with the poster designs, they communicate with the Barista challenge/competition very well, I particularly like the imagery from each design, especially the month of May (national pet month) the Barista pattern is very good, and fits for purpose very well. I like how I’ve made the #PactCoffeeChallenge the main text, because when people type the hashtag in on Facebook it will tag you towards the pact coffee website, you can also see other entries for the competition.

For the next stage I am going to super impose one of my poster designs to the Pact Coffee Facebook page because the brief states ‘use Facebook as a platform to not only raise awareness, but to make people want to try it’

Untitled-2  Untitled-2

Untitled-2  Untitled-1

The first thing I had to do before super imposing my design was take a screenshot of the Pact Coffee Facebook page. This is the base image that I will be using for my super imposition. Next I had to get rid of the existing status Pact Coffee posted, to do this I used the Sport healing brush tool. I got rid of the existing status so I can impose my poster and text in to the empty space. the third and fourth screenshot re showing the Pact Coffee Challenge being advertsied through the pact coffee Facebook, I think the whole imposition sits very well, its promotes very appropriately.


I also thought it would be a great idea to impose my pact coffee print campaign on to some open magazines, this is just to promote the coffee challenge and raise awareness of pact..

sumagazine imposition   magazine imposition 2

As my posters are a print campaign, I thought it would be a good idea to do the campaign from a personal point of view as well. So for the personal campaign I decided to find three images of people with a coffee cup, and use the words ‘converted coffee lover … has joined the pact coffee challenge’ I think this brings ‘raising awareness’ in to the campaign again, the idea is to have people who have been converted to pact coffee. The images I will be using below…

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

These will be the three people that have joined the pact coffee challenge. The images were provided by Dreamstime.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

These are the three posters that I created, as you can see I used a very similar style to my monthly posters, this is so the designs are all consistent with each other. The text mentions the age of each person on each poster, this is because the campaign is targeted at 20-45 year olds. The overall appearance of each designs looks very subtle. I love the fact that I have chosen to add a personal campaign, I think it links up very well with the brief.

I decided to super impose some of the personal poster through the pact coffee website because the brief says use Facebook in the widest sense, and I think super imposing my design to a status will help raise awareness even more. They could possibly make other people want to join the pact coffee challenge when they other people entering.

samantha imposition

hannah imposition

These are the super imposition designs I created. If you look closely I have mentioned the words Like and Share, this is so when people do like and share, other peoples friends will see the status too. The brief states Half of Facebook users have more than 200 friends, so every like and share will be promoting and raising awareness of pact coffee and the pact coffee challenge.

Untitled-1  ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I also decided to super impose a coffee design on to a camera phone image. The process for this was pretty simple, all I had to do was get rid of the existing picture with the patch tool. I then brought my coffee image in and distorted it around the coffee mug. I finally added a little brightness to make the Barista stencil design stand out more.

The final super imposition I chose to do was of pact coffee announcing a winner for the pact coffee Barista challenge/competition for a random month, in this case it was the month of February. For the imagery I took a love heart design that I didn’t use on my posters and super imposed on to stock image that I purchased. The image is the winning entry for the month of February. I personally think this imposition is great touch.

competition winner facebook announcement


Well, I firstly must say Advertising is a very bizarre element of Graphic Design. You could be the best designer in the world, but if you don’t have a solid idea your not gonna get very far at all. Don’t get me wrong I have thoroughly enjoyed the project, I just think the whole process is heard to get your head around at first. Before starting the project I didn’t have a clue what advertising was about, so it was a bit of a mind boggle at the start.

It took me around three weeks to come up with a solid idea, personally I think I have addressed the brief well with the idea. I also think i have constructed my development wok rather well, which has been very pleasing. I think I have answered most of the main points of the brief, such as raising awareness, relating to the target market, maintain pacts tone of voice, and using Facebook as the central platform. I think using social media is the best way to advertise something because not only is it free, but it can be seen by just about anyone.

Overall I would say I am rather happy with my outcomes, my strongest part of the project was constructing the whole idea, I think the whole idea seems very believable, which is what I wanted to achieve at the end of the project.

Roll on two weeks off!


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